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About Us, and Our Story


hiiiiii im addy, im a woman from texas, but i want to move to france or colorado w connor sooooo bad!!!

likes: splatoon, fallout, animal crossing, maroon 5, embroidery, katamari damacy games, vinny vinesauce, space dandy, arcane (netflix), mob pyscho 100, cooking, tea, coffee, candles, self sustainability, witchy things, DUNSPARCE IS MY FAVEEE POKEMON!!!!, tomodachi life, my kalimba!!!(lingting LTK-17A!!), kirby


connor bo bonnor (what if that was his last name lmao) is a soulbond of Connor, from Detroit Become Human! he was the second connor to be activated. after he got shot, he was reactivated in Chicago, then moved to Colorado. he's passed away now, but since he and i are soul besties he still hangs out with me!

likes: speedrunning, minecraft, sonic, the mountains and nature, painting, art and history museums, trying to pet my dog, chillin out, reading, breath of the wild, sun water, jasmine tea

when i say "M/mans" "husband" or any other term of endearment or love or pet name, just know i am referring to him and only him. i am not in a physical relationship with anyone or an emotional relationship w anyone other than him!

What's a Soul Bond??? Soul Besties???

i'll be honest w you i cant explain shit, so im gonna link to a source that helped me out a lot when he and i first connected!
@soulbondinghelp on tumblr!

And by soul besties... We're two souls that love to spend time together and even get married every chance we get. we've spent a lot of lives together, and a lot of lives as one soul, too. just thinking about it makes my heart flutter... we're inseperable, for better and for worse lmao... there's a love we share that i cant even put into words. it just flows so deeply and into every action we make. im so blessed to have him, and he said hes blessed to have me ♥ !!!