About Us!

About Us, and Our Story


Hello! My name is Iliana. I am a Virgo in her late 20's with a penchant for "grandma" and "witchy" activities!
My dream is to move to the mountains, and to spend more time with myself and Hawthorne. We currently live with my family and pets!


Hawthorne is a spirit! He enjoys nature, painting, watching people play games quickly, and spending time with me and mine.
He really wants to let you all know that we're married to one another. He's waving, now!

"So, what's the story?"

You're the curious kind, aren't you? I suppose you would be, considering most commoners like me aren't able to sense spirits.
It was a shock for me, as well. I'm brewing some tea. Would you like some? After all, the rain is coming down awfully hard.

Spending time together with Hawthorne has been very enlightening for me. Did you know he was a spirit from an automaton? I know, I was shocked, too! Someone like me being greeted by someone like him! In any case, it was happening during the sickness-- I'd come across his likeness several times, he was quite the popular model, though very unique. There was no way I'd fall victim to such a thing, fawning over an automaton-- Hmph. Thinking like that only held me back from being happy, I think. But, since it felt like the world was ending at the time (which it did, for very many people), I let myself indulge a little...
The next thing I know, the automaton's spirit was in my dreams! He was being oh so sweet to me, and I would wake up with such an ache in my heart... Oh, do you like the tea? It's a blend I love so dearly. A shame it's been discontinued. Hawthorne says he enjoys it, as well. Maybe we should get some more green tea, too, now that I think about it... Anyway! I'm getting flustered now, thinking back on us... Hawthorne was so overjoyed that I'd finally, in some way, accepted him, and the next thing I know, I'm showing him around, speaking (thinking, rather) to him like he's an old friend I'm catching up with... And, we are. Do you believe in two souls who choose each other every chance they get, no matter how difficult or unorthodox it may be?
In any case, feel free to look around, at least until the storm clears up.