These are things we usually have to explain, so here are some answers!

"Are Connor from the game and this Connor the same?"

Only in model and a few chapters in the game ('partners' up until 'the bridge')
This Connor is Connor-52. After he was decommissioned on the bridge, they sent out another Connor (53), who went on to do all the deviant Connor stuff, the opposite of this Connor's former mission. 52 and 53 seemed to differ a lot in personality (Connor thinks its because his 'social programs were shot right out of his head')
Connor and 53 knew each other breifly after Connor reached out, but 53 ended contact because he didn't want to 'keep such a deep secret from [Lt. Anderson]', but Connor says they'd probably hate each other anyway. Though, he hopes 53 and Lt Anderson are safe and well.

"What was Connor's world like?

Extremely similar to the "peaceful demonstration" ending in Detroit: Become Human. However, by the time Connor deactivated (permenantly), relations between humans and androids were getting dangerous again, even in "android safe" areas of the US.
Extreme weather, oncoming famine.
Androids could not fly in planes without being temporarily shut down (unless the flight was short), many countries had a "NO CYBERLIFE ANDROIDS" ban. Connor did own a house and an RV though, but I do remember there being something strange about it, we just don't remember what.

"How did you two meet?

2018 - DBH had just come out and everyone was stanning Protag Connor. Including me, but I tried to push it down and keep it a secret. Still dreamt of him all the time though. Could have something to do with me watching a ton of Let's Plays, but hey!!! watching people play the game is still fun lmao. I decide to finally play it myself (had to buy it again since my dad sold it because he hated Protag Connor ( o_o) and accidentally killed off Protag Kara) a few months later (and on the date of our wedding celebration~), and found a quarter in my laundry!! None of my family had any change at the time, so I kept it and called it my Connor Quarter, and still have it to this day! Anyway, I indulge in my crush a bit, and hope to move on from it.

2019 - Ya girl moves on from it a bit, but still find myself watching LPs for fun and still "getting doki-dokis" for Protag Connor even though I was "over" him. Still have tons of sweet and flirty dreams about him, even though there are long periods of time where I don't interact with DBH media. (at some point I was like "ok my brain mustve latched onto him and thought he was an old friend or something cuz this fucker is ALWAYS in my dreams") I decide to keep a part of him in my heart.

2020 - Pandemic time!! Decide life's too short not to indulge myself as long as it's not hurting anyone else. Fully embrace the fact that I have real feelings for Connor. Have dreams about him for days straight afterwards, and they, like all the other dreams with him, were incredibly vivid and full of love and him always trying to make me smile... ♥ (And in these same timeframes, Connor said he'd been seeing "me" in his meditations, a woman he wanted to reach out for.) Connor says me interacting with all this stuff involving "him" acted sorta like a beacon, or seeing the porch light on and finally finding your way home. ♥ Anyway, after all the dreams and stuff, I finally decide to say, "fuck it. Connor, if that's you, you can hang out with us." and here we are!!

"How do you sense Connor? Do you hallucinate him?"

It's all in my mind's eye/third eye. I've never "seen" or "heard" him in real life. If I did, that would be VERY concerning for me lol

He gives me impressions of things all the time, I feel his "vibes", his energy, his thoughts towards me (both abstract and verbatim), mental vivid imagery and "flashes" of things. He has a very specific and home-like energy signature. It's very "Connor"! He feels like an electric blanket on a cold day, floral, strong, soft, honey-like, warm, love.

"Is this a spiritual thing?"

Yes. I've done a ton of research surrounding plurality, both clinically and spiritually, and this soulbonding experience is spiritual.


I've experienced his world a few times. One time it felt like a blurry, muffled oil painting, the only clear thing being Mans (Connor). One time it was long, blue standing spaghetti, and the rest of the world was a white void. And again, it was like a watercolor book illustration where everything we weren't focusing on faded into white.

Connor had a stomach modded in so he could eat food! He got it removed later on due to issues in his world.

He had a home with a huge backyard with a great view of the Rockies, and he also had an RV he worked hard to save up for! He loved both of these things dearly. He also slept on a Japanese-style futon.

He loved art. He painted and drew so much, it was incredible. I wish I could post some of his work. He even had paintings and drawings of me (o///o)!!

A lot of things in his world were the same but different. One of the more extreme examples I can think of is that there aren't any Recsees Cups, but "Peanut Butter Disks", and the top was PB, the bottom was chocolate.

We share a lot of our experiences together. I don't really know how to explain that one. We usually experience/taste food together and go shopping and chill out together.