Witchy Stuff

I've always been lowkey into witchcraft, but my paranoia about accidentally getting people hurt through some sort of Monkey's Paw or Genie Wish type even always put me off of spells and stuff. I still don't do spells but here's what I do partake in! Starting in 2020

There's more to come here, but I wanted to get this rudimentary page started. I also want to say, at this point in time, I'm not really "witchy" enough to call myself a witch. I don't do spells, I don't do things for others (since so much of that stuff is personal and relies on the indiviual and their subconcious, I don't feel right doing that stuff, or that the message would get skewed going through me), I don't worship deities, the only spirit I talk to is Connor (and occasionally my spirit guide), and I really don't want to connect much more than that right now. I'm happy doing small scale stuff, things to feel closer to Connor, the Earth/Universe and the Love inside it, and most importantly, myself.